¡Feliz Día de San Valentín!

We are spending another Valentine’s Day in sunny Mexico.  It is a major event here … as it is for many of us.

Progreso, Yucatán, México
Municipal Market

I have been remiss in updating the blog … I’ve posted quite a lot on Facebook and if you follow my personal page there, you will find a “Yucatán 2017” album that is growing with photos.

It is so easy to let the days slip by.  Life is so tranquil, no rush to meet deadlines.  All too soon, I’ll be back to Ohio and my daily

routine.  Here at the beach, I awake early, eat breakfast and begin a leisurely walk through sand and seaweed.

Relics of the Sea

I’ve made a lot of plans for the year and have a number of complicated projects coming my way.  But, what a calming and stress-free way to organize my brain!






Winter Break … No Shipping Until Mid-March! #2

El Norte
It’s better than SNOW but not ideal beach weather!  El Norte means “the north.”  You guessed it … Mother Nature whips in strong winds from the North across the Gulf of Mexico, pushes waves in against the shore and whips the sea’s bottom into a frenzy of frothing sand.  It is not the best day for my morning beach walk.  It’s a gray day but 69 degrees at 9 am.  There’s not a drop of rain and better yet …. no snow!

Here’s a YouTube video from a few years ago that shows you what I’m looking at right now from our dining room table.  Yes, so much better than snow!

We will be spending the next seven weeks here at the beach between Progreso and Chicxulub, Yucatan, Mexico.  This is our fifth year and the fifth winter of my husband’s retirement.  Seems he detests Ohio Map-Locationwinters!  Isn’t he lucky that his wife (me) is a former Spanish teacher.  Spanish – Maya language is universal here with shop owners and school children speaking a bit of English.  But, the  caretakers here at our home-away-from-home do speak very little English.   So, I find myself expanding my school-book Spanish when I need to explain a plumbing issue or if I need to learn the best place to buy fresh grouper and what to ask for.

Follow our adventures during the next seven weeks while there’s no shipping from the celebrate365.com web site.  You can still order … but I won’t be shipping until mid-March!


Winter Break … No Shipping Until Mid-March!

Carnival celebration along the Malecon in Progreso, Yucatan, Mexico 2015

One of the perks of being a retired Spanish teacher is avoiding Ohio’s frigid winter.  For the fifth time, my husband and I are heading south to the Progreso – Chicxulub coast of Yucatan, Mexico.  This year, we will be spending seven weeks enjoying sunshine, sand and hammocks!

Mother Nature seems to be having a little laugh at our expense this morning though.  Seems our 6:30 AM flight from Dayton to Detroit was delayed.  Delta has re-booked us later this morning through Atlanta and we are scheduled to arrive in Merida, the regional capital, just before midnight.  Keep your fingers crossed on our behalf!

This year, I have opted to leave the store open for browsing and pre-ordering.  BUT, be aware … the products are in Ohio while I’m on the beach in Mexico.  I will not be able to ship any orders until my return in mid-March.

Let the vacation begin!