It’s A Sale!

Ivertical-image-backissuest’s been five years since the final issue of Celebrate365 went out to subscribers. And, I still have lots of back issues sitting is storage. I think it might be time to “let go”!

During the holiday season, all back issues on the web site are being offered at a 50% discount. Help declutter my storage … please!!
Happy Shopping



Closed for Maintenance Until March 1

Well, it has to be done! Closed for MaintanenceWeb master Leslie has been after me for well over a year to upgrade the Miva shopping cart software. This seem like the perfect time. Christmas is over. Most of you are taking down your holiday trees. You probably aren’t thinking about shopping for ornaments!

In addition, I’ll be away for most of January and February. I’ll be attending Atlanta’s America’sMart for seven days (Jan 11 – 17). I’ll be previewing the 2012 collections for all of the major ornament designers and manufacturers.

Watch for blog updates, Facebook posts and Tweets during the big reveal!

Progreso Mexico
Some of you know that I have a newly retired husband who detests Ohio’s winters. He didn’t have to twist my arm when he announced that he wanted to “go south” for the winter. Little did I know that his “south” would turn out to be on a beach in Progreso, Mexico.We have rented a house on the beach for a month (see the pool, the beach and the Gulf of Mexico in the photo aabove). I’ve paid for a month of internet service … but let’s see how “high speed” it turns out to be. I have plans to work on the web site update along with working on lots of the images from my week in Atlanta.As you can see, I will be working in heavenly surroundings. I wonder what it’s like to work on the laptop while resting in a hammock? Hmm …
Needless to say, the first 2012 issue of Celebrate365 will be somewhat delayed! Since the site is closed for shopping, you won’t be able to re-subscribe. But, no rush … remember, I won’t be home to deal with your order anyway. Relax … just like me!Watch for blog updates, Facebook posts and Tweets from Mexico, too.


Celebrating with Red, White & Blue!

I’m ever so happy that Sharon J in Houston introduced me to Etsy several years ago. It’s just the best spot ever to find things you never knew you needed!

I just created this small treasury of patriotic-themed items … all hand made and affordable.

Celebrate the Fourth of July and Made in the USA folk art!

Take a trip to Etsy for a Patriotic Tribute!

Patriotic Putz House from TheSaltBoxCollection at Etsy.

Patriotic Putz House

Vaillancourt Folk Art Weekend … the Results!

Joan, my mentor painter at Vaillancourt Folk Art, has put the finishing touches on the chalkware Santa that I created at Collector’s Weekend earlier this month.  And, it’s on its way to my door.  I can’t wait to see the finished figure.

I’ll be featuring the Vaillancourt Studio in the Christmas issue.  They are one of the few artisan workshops still making things the “old-fashioned” way in the USA!

Reporting from Atlanta … America’s Mart, Day Two

AmericasMart, Atlanta – Day 2

We completed work in the Radko showroom today. That’s one down! I’m still working on those photos so you’ll have to be patient. As I mentioned previously, this year’s line is much more focused and shows a restrained hand with fewer colors, less glitter and  less “doo-dads”. I was impressed! Good job, Heather and Radko staffers!

Hey, Atlanta has SNOW! I have never experienced it here. Being from Ohio, I’d call this a very light dusting … but it seems there is the dreaded black ice beneath. Plus, these Georgians just aren’t equipped for the white winter stuff. So, schools are closing already for tomorrow.

Here are some photos of new introductions from several showrooms. Let’s play the “Whose is it” game again. Please use the comment form beneath this post to make your guesses. But, if you can’t find the “comment” link, feel free to send me your guesses using the CONTACT tab at the top of this page.


America’s Mart, January 7: Day 2
Meet Vergie Lightfoot
Folk artist Vergie Lightfoot was on hand this afternoon at the Bethany Lowe Designs showroom on 20. It is always a Halloween wonderland!
New Designs from Bethany Lowe Folk Artists
These folk artists have very recognizable styles! Who are they?
Photo 8 Photo 9
Finial Debut
Fabulous European glass finials mix 21st century contemporary with Old World tradition. All will retail for under $100.

Which designer debuted these beauties?