De CARLINI 2012 Exclusives

Soffieria de Carlini … New for 2012

The famed Italian workshop Soffieria De Carlini creates a limited edition collection each year. This newest collection reprises six vintage styles from the family’s earlier years.

Each ornament is hand signed by Rosa De Carlini Terruzzi, daughter of the founder, and is limited to 200 pieces.

Collectors may purchase the ornaments directly from the family’s web site. Your purchase will be air shipped from Italy and should arrive in about two weeks.

Fluffy Chip
$38, 5.5″
Soffieria de Carlini

Caroling Cricket
$43; 6″

Shiny Rising Sun
$51; 7″

2008 Soffieria De Carlini Exclusive Ornaments

News just in from Italy … Celebrate the Holidays with De Carlini Ladies

Each holiday season, the De Carlini Workshop creates a set of very special ornaments to celebrate the holiday season.  This year’s exclusives are six free blown Italian “ladies” costumed for holidays throughout the year.

Miss Valentine’s Day
Miss Mardi Gras
Miss St. Patrick’s Day
Miss Independence Day
Miss Halloween
Miss Christmas

Each style is limited to 200 pieces and each is signed and numbered.

$51 + Shipping from Italy

Available only from Soffieria De Carlini

Free Blown Italian Ornaments … the Magic of Soffieria De Carlini

Flamboyant, whimsical, abstract and timeless; these are the words that describe the mouth-blown character glass ornaments of Soffieria De Carlini. Treasured around the world, the De Carlini workshop near Milan has been producing unique and fanciful creations since 1947.

Indicators of the De Carlini commitment to excellence abound, such as their 10-year dominance as the principal manufacturer of Italian glass ornaments over the huge American market. The talented family was “discovered” in the early 1980s by Wally Bronner, of Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland in Frankenmuth, Michigan. One of America’s largest Christmas retailers, Bronner was captivated by the intricate hand painting of De Carlini’s unique pear shaped ornaments, and he shrewdly decided to import them. An immediate success, the De Carlini reputation was about to grow quickly.

Always a family affair, the De Carlini business has maintained a strong artistic presence since the beginning. Using feathers, lace, ribbons, maribou and glitter to elaborately decorate their mouth-blown characters, they became famous for a unique look in a crowded ornament industry.

Doesn't this finial capture the true spirit of Christmas?
Italian Finial

Today, Rosa De Carlini, her husband Guilio Terruzzi and son Luca run the family workshop.  The trio, as well as staff artisans, creates the fanciful figurals using traditional manufacturing techniques while also embracing 21st century technology. One of the best examples of this is their charming web site, designed to showcase their talents and offer exclusive styles directly to collectors.  Each design is limited to 200 pieces, is hand numbered and personally signed by Rosa De Carlini.

Highly collectible, the De Carlini ornaments produced over 55 years ago are as timeless as today’s styles. The infamous Coco Chanel once said, “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.”  I think collectors everywhere would agree the De Carlini designs fit this to a tee!

— Susan McCann

The Celebrate365 online store offers a wide selection of free blown Italian ornaments from the De Carlini workshop.  Add at bit of whimsy to your Christmas tree!