An Ohio Christmas … Vintage 1913

Look what someone brought me as an open house gift … an original 1915 photo from a Columbus, Ohio photographer. I’ve enlarged it a bit so you can see details.

How our decorating styles have changed yet some things remain the same. Can’t you sense the children’s delight as they point to the tree?

What details can you spot in this holiday setting.  Click the photo to enlarge the view.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Columbus Ohio 1915

Just Arrived from Italy, Soffieria De Carlini Glass Ornaments

The first shipment of our 2014 Soffieria De Carlini order just arrived from Italy. Quantities are limited! We won’t be able to re-order any of these styles for this holiday season. So, don’t hesitate! Shop early and tuck these new styles away for the holidays.Shop the “New Arrivals” page in the De Carlini portion of the Celebrate365.com web site. Hope you find something to love!

Lots more ornaments arriving September through November. Watch for blog updates!

DC-BN323 DC-BN451
DC-DO7093 DC-NA1371 DC-NA1372
DC-DO1437 DC-OM4374M DC-BA1741M
DC-A5443 DC-BA1715M DC-OM4224


Save on all De Carlini Ornaments This Week!

From Italy, Soffieria De Carlini Glass Ornaments

Special Celebrate365 Memorial Day Offer!

30% off all De Carlini ornaments currently in stock at Celebrate365.com through May 31, 2014.

If you know me, you know I LOVE Italian free blown ornaments. I need to make some space for the massive order that I placed in January. Soffieria De Carlini is the small workshop who created many of the Radko designs over the years going back to about 1994.

Promotion expires at midnight 6/1/14.


The discount will appear during checkout.

Happy shopping! And, please feel free to share the discount code with your collecting friends.


Here are just a few of the styles available in the online store.

DC-BN323 DC-BN341 DC-BN451
DC-DO7093 DC-NA1371 DC-NA1372
DC-DO1437 DC-OM4374M DC-BA1741M
DC-BA1715M DC-A5443 DC-OM4224
DC-OM4225 DC-OM4276 DC-DO7080
DC-OM4277 Italian Friar Tuck DC-A5056
DC-A5249 DC-AN142 DC-OM4374
DC-OM4411 DC-OM4412 DC-V3479

Calling All Texas Collectors!

Calling all TEXANS!

I’ve had a contact request from a Texas curator who would like to mount a holiday display this season. Interested? See the email below & contact her directly. What better way to spread your love for the holidays!


From……: Lisa Anderson
Email…..: landerson@grapevinetexasusa.com

I work for the Museum Curator for the City of Grapevine, located at DFW airport in the heart of the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. We are the Christmas Capitol of Texas and I am interested in curator an exhibition of Christmas Collections for the Christmas season 2014. Could you please direct me to possible local collectors that belong to your organization that might be interested in exhibiting their collection? Or point me in the correct direction of other organization that would fit our request.

Thomas Glenn Holidays 2014

Thomas Glenn Display America'sMart Atlanta 2014
Thomas Glenn Display
America’sMart Atlanta 2014

Brent Lawyer, the new owner of Thomas Glenn Holidays, is coming to visit me tomorrow, March 24.  His new 2014 samples had not yet arrived from Poland when I visited his booth in Atlanta in January.

It is so sweet of him to make this effort.  He’s in Chicago … I’m in western Ohio.  That’s not a quick little trip!

Of course, I’ll be taking lots of photos and reporting in about what is new.

I’ve been going full tilt since coming home from Mexico … tax records in to the CPA this morning, so I have a little breathing room now.  And, it is certainly time to play catch up with news!

I will do my best.  But, the best news is that the STORE IS OPEN!

2014 orders will not arrive until fall … but I will be posting them online as soon as possible.  I might need to increase the small quantities that I ordered!



Glittered "Pink Zeba" ball ornament from Thomas Glenn Holidays
Glittered “Pink Zebra” ball ornament from Thomas Glenn Holidays
Blue "Zebra" Ball Thomas Glenn Holidays
Blue “Zebra” Ball
Thomas Glenn Holidays
Black "Zebra" Ball Thomas Glenn Holiday
Black “Zebra” Ball
Thomas Glenn Holiday