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Leipzig, Germany Flea Market

You know you are a serious shopper when you are willing to leave your hotel at 5:30 AM and drive for two hours to the Leipzig flea market.

The Leipzig, Germany flea market is has earned a reputation as the Europe’s largest with up to 5,000 vendors when filled to capacity. Our little tour group braved chilly drizzle as we trouped up and down rows of outdoor vendors seeking unique Christmas treasures that caught our fancy.  We had barely begun when I spotted the hunch-backed Santa in a brown mohair coat.  He is German and from the 1890 – 1910 era.  He will need a bit of repair but he’s going to be an outstanding addition to my collection.  He is a real treasure!

Beside all of the outdoor dealers, Leipzig boasts two huge vendor halls inside.  We ventured inside when the drizzle turned into a steadier rain for awhile.  License plates identified exhibitors from the Czech Republic, Poland and other European nations.  As with any flea market, one person’s treasure is another one’s junk!  Of course, we saw much that was of little interest, but it was good to be able to walk right by.  We walked and walked from 7:30 AM until noon with one bathroom break and a brief snack time.  I certainly logged plenty of steps!

For an avid antiquer, this was a dream scenario.  We passed up many things and narrowed our purchases to things that were treasures or super deals.  And, bargaining was like a comedy act!  As you can well, we will be coming home with Christmas treasures and colorful memories.

To find out more about Leipzig’s monthly flea market, visit these sites:

Greetings from Annaburg Germany

castle-lunchHaving a wonderful but tiring experience here on day 4. I have had difficulty connecting with the hotel WiFi here so I thought I would make a quick reminder to take a look at the De Carlini “Pre-Order” area. The final day that I can increase quantity numbers is Sept 30. Free shipping on pre-orders will end that day as well. So, if you usually buy Italian ornaments for gifts, you might want to take a look.



We are in the wood carving area of Germany and I am certainly seeing some wonderfully focused museums. I am gaining quite an education about “Miner and Angel” figures along with the parade uniform figures … well just about anything from this region. It has been wonderful! We will be checking out of this hotel tomorrow and moving onward to the glass blowing / ornament area. Of course, that is what I am most looking forward to. And Glass Links member Jane Feuer who is here in Germany for 6 months will be joining the groups soon. We will be going to Inge-glas on Friday … along with lots of little glass workshops. You know that I will have lots of photos to share!

I will be back on Sept 30 / Oct 1.


Grand Re-Opening

Getting behind the scenes software installed and functioning properly started in January. Security and credit card standards are so very important to everyone in today’s Internet climate.


We wish that the transition had been a smooth one. Of course, if something could go wrong, it did! There are still a number a things that need to be addressed or adjusted. But, give the site a “test-drive”. Try the new search function. See the new things that are available to pre-order now for delivery when 2015 ornaments arrive in October or November

Let us know what you think. We hope you find the new look refreshing and the site easy to navigate. And, for the first time, we put the customer in the “driver’s seat” when it comes to shipping options.

Take us for a test drive now! (Click the highlighted link)

Celebrate Memorial Day at the Midwest Antique Holiday Show

Midwest Antique Holiday Show, Columbus Ohio
Midwest Antique Holiday Show, Columbus Ohio

Midwest Holiday Antique Show
Sunday, May 24, 2015
Aladdin Shrine Temple
3950 Stelzer Rd
Columbus, OH 43219
9 AM until 2:30 PM

Soffieria De Carlini in Italy will be sending vintage retired stock that will be available at this show.

Vintage and Antique Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Patriotic … Help Celebrate the Show’s 20th Year!

An Ohio Christmas … Vintage 1913

Look what someone brought me as an open house gift … an original 1915 photo from a Columbus, Ohio photographer. I’ve enlarged it a bit so you can see details.

How our decorating styles have changed yet some things remain the same. Can’t you sense the children’s delight as they point to the tree?

What details can you spot in this holiday setting.  Click the photo to enlarge the view.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Columbus Ohio 1915

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