Winter at the beach …

Lovely day to work outside with the great view & in the shade with the breeze. Love the view from beneath our shaded picnic area?

This will be the hottest day we have experienced and the heat index makes it feel even warmer … we need to hydrate!

This is my work location this morning with a cup of coffee (not good for hydration!). I think that the scenery helps make the spreadsheet work less mind-numbing!

The 2023 updates for all three designer ornament lines are nearing completion … Leslie (faithful web guru), Benita (sister), Brenna (niece), and Azhar (graphic editor in Pakistan) have all contributed to this massive yearly project.

Did you, as a collector, realize that a complex spreadsheet is the “brains” behind what you see when you view a listing on the internet? And, every punctuation point must be in place!

We will begin to roll out Heartfully Yours™, Soffieria De Carlini, and Thomas Glenn Holiday for pre-ordering soon!

Now, back to work!

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