Halloween Issue in the Mail!

It’s in the mail … the much anticipated Halloween issue of Celebrate365 … featuring ornaments and folk art from these designers:
Halloween Front Cover Halloween 2010 Back Cover
Front cover: Scott Smith, Rucus Studio cover photo and design

Back Cover:
Center Painting

Joanne Harper
, Boo Wacka Doo
$120, 8 x 10”; acrylics on gallery-wrapped canvas
Inspiration: The illustrations of John Held Jr.

Surrounding, clockwise from top:
Joyce Stahl
Pumpkin, $39.95; Johanna Parker for Bethany Lowe Designs Shriek the Cat, $34.99; Robert Brawley Who is On the Moon, $25; Debra Schoch for Bethany Lowe Designs Owl and Moon on Pedestal, $49.99; Becca Bilas, Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin Ornament, $14; Allen Cunningham The Trinket Peddler, $165; Eric Cortina Estate Garden Urn, $32.50; Elaine Thomas Pumpkin Bucket, $38; JingleNog Jack-O, $80; Debbee Thibault Halloween Queen, $45; Soffieria De Carlini Witch’s Web, $38.

Layout: Bev Verbeke, Gohr’s Printing, Erie PA

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Featured in this issue (sources):

Allen Cunningham

Alycia Matthews

Amelia Schaefer

Apple Tree Gallery

Artistry of Poland

Becca Bilas

Becky Federico

Bethany Lowe Designs

Bruce Elsass

Carmen Ellis

Carrie Murtha

Cathy Nash

Christina’s World

Christopher Radko Ornaments

David Blair Designs

David Everett/Chicken Lips

Debbee Thibault & Kitty’s Ltd.

Debbie Hawkins

Deborah Adams

Debra Schoch, see Bethany Lowe

Dee Foust, see Bethany Lowe

Elaine Roesle

Elaine  Thomas

Eric Cortina Collection

Flora Thompson

Greg Guedel Originals


The Heart Cottage

Historical Christmas Barn

Inge-glass of Germany

Iva Wilcox

Jamie Moore

Jerry & Darla Arnold


Joe Spencer

Johanna Parker

Joanne Harper

Jorge De Rojas

Joyce Stahl

Kerry Howard-Schmidt

Kittys Ltd.

Table of Contents, 10-3
Kris Hurst

Laura Irrgang

Laurie Hardin

Lisa Haxmeier

Lisa Nelson

Lori Ann Corelis

Lori Rudolph

Matthew Kirscht

Mother’s Dream Artworks

Moth to A Flame

Old World Christmas

Pam Gracia

Patricia Breen

Phillane Harris Saathoff

Robert Brawley

Robin Seeber

Scott Smith, Rucus Studio

Sheila Bentley

Sheryl Parsons

Shirley Olsen

Soffieria De Carlini

Stephanie Baker

Sue Franke

Susan Houldin

Susan Vanderhoek

Susie Pastor

Sylvia Smiser

Tannenbaum Treasures

Vaillancourt Folk Art

Vergie Lightfoot

Wendy Leaumont

The Whimsical Whittler

Williams Nursery

Design Inspiration: Vintage Halloween Doilies

Vintage Halloween Doily Sometimes happy discoveries occur when I’m searching for one thing but come away with an unexpected treasure.  That’s what happened when I was looking for vintage Halloween graphics online.

Set of Vintage Paper Doilies –

Orange, yellow & green
1920s-1930s, 5.5″ diameter
Made in the USA

Vintage Halloween Doily I found this image of a colorful paper doily and soon discovered that there were two other matching designs.

Halloween Collectibles author Mark Ledenbach notes that the set of doilies were printed in these three colors: orange, yellow, green.

Inspiration Quilt And, imagine my surprise when I discovered this version on Martha Dellasega Gray’s Q is for Quilter web site.

An avid quilter, Gray designed this 38″ diameter table topper based upon the green version of the 5.5″ paper Halloween doily. Follow her instructions and progress as the vintage doily inspired a modern interpretation. Please CLICK here.

Imagine my further surprised when I attended Mark Craven’s annual Vintage Holiday show Memorial Day weekend in Columbus, Ohio.  I found the orange version at the top of this page.  Of course, I just had to have it!

Martha’s project proves that good design is timeless.  Further, good design can transcend genres and mediums.  I shared my happy discovery with several artists who also found the designs inspiring.

See the Halloween 2010 issue of Celebrate365 to view the full Design Inspiration article. Folk artists Vergie Lightfoot, Susie Pastor and Lori Rudolph each created works inspired by these vintage paper doiles.  Each designed in a different medium.

To purchase a single copy of this issue and discover their creations, please CLICK here.