ConnieI have resigned myself to the fact that I am a collecting "addict." I began collecting vintage and antique Christmas ornaments in the 1970s ... hand-me-downs from relatives who no longer enjoyed the task of setting up a tree. Isn't that how we all begin? I discovered Christopher Radko ornaments in 1996. That led me to create "Radko Links" ( In those early days of the Internet, this state by state list of ornament stores with their web "link" was a novelty. Within a year, I had added an email discussion list for fellow "ornaholics." Along the way, I was honored with two Christopher Radko "Best Tree in Town" awards.

When I retired from teaching high school Spanish in 2000, I had the opportunity to turn an avocation into a vocation. That's when Celebrate365, a quarterly magazine, and its companion email discussion list and web sites began to thrive.

I was honored to edit and create the layout for a booklet tracing the history of the De Carlini Italian workshop's history ... well, at least their first 30 years! You will find that book here on the web site, along with several others that I recommend.

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Nowadays, I am "semi-retired" from my second career. I no longer publish the Celebrate365 magazine and my husband and I winter in a safe and sunny Yucatan coast in Mexico. That's why you will find this web store closed from January through March. But, you can always reach me using the contact form. The Internet makes so many things possible!

Feel free to send me your questions and ornament requests.

My husband and I share our home with two felines with definite “catitudes”, Emeril and Trouble. I do enjoy cooking so that’s how Emeril received his name. Trouble is a different matter! My husband and I enjoy traveling to antique shows across the country, networking with other collecting enthusiasts and enjoying our beautiful country while trying to snag some treasures.

It is a wonderful feeling to network with others who share your passion and who understand your enthusiasm.


After all, there's something to CELEBRATE 365 days of the year!

For more about my personal holiday decorating style and collections, you might enjoy this news article from December 2014.