Reporting from Atlanta … America’s Mart, Day Two

AmericasMart, Atlanta – Day 2

We completed work in the Radko showroom today. That’s one down! I’m still working on those photos so you’ll have to be patient. As I mentioned previously, this year’s line is much more focused and shows a restrained hand with fewer colors, less glitter and  less “doo-dads”. I was impressed! Good job, Heather and Radko staffers!

Hey, Atlanta has SNOW! I have never experienced it here. Being from Ohio, I’d call this a very light dusting … but it seems there is the dreaded black ice beneath. Plus, these Georgians just aren’t equipped for the white winter stuff. So, schools are closing already for tomorrow.

Here are some photos of new introductions from several showrooms. Let’s play the “Whose is it” game again. Please use the comment form beneath this post to make your guesses. But, if you can’t find the “comment” link, feel free to send me your guesses using the CONTACT tab at the top of this page.


America’s Mart, January 7: Day 2
Meet Vergie Lightfoot
Folk artist Vergie Lightfoot was on hand this afternoon at the Bethany Lowe Designs showroom on 20. It is always a Halloween wonderland!
New Designs from Bethany Lowe Folk Artists
These folk artists have very recognizable styles! Who are they?
Photo 8 Photo 9
Finial Debut
Fabulous European glass finials mix 21st century contemporary with Old World tradition. All will retail for under $100.

Which designer debuted these beauties?