Design Inspiration: Vintage Halloween Doilies

Vintage Halloween Doily Sometimes happy discoveries occur when I’m searching for one thing but come away with an unexpected treasure.  That’s what happened when I was looking for vintage Halloween graphics online.

Set of Vintage Paper Doilies –

Orange, yellow & green
1920s-1930s, 5.5″ diameter
Made in the USA

Vintage Halloween Doily I found this image of a colorful paper doily and soon discovered that there were two other matching designs.

Halloween Collectibles author Mark Ledenbach notes that the set of doilies were printed in these three colors: orange, yellow, green.

Inspiration Quilt And, imagine my surprise when I discovered this version on Martha Dellasega Gray’s Q is for Quilter web site.

An avid quilter, Gray designed this 38″ diameter table topper based upon the green version of the 5.5″ paper Halloween doily. Follow her instructions and progress as the vintage doily inspired a modern interpretation. Please CLICK here.

Imagine my further surprised when I attended Mark Craven’s annual Vintage Holiday show Memorial Day weekend in Columbus, Ohio.  I found the orange version at the top of this page.  Of course, I just had to have it!

Martha’s project proves that good design is timeless.  Further, good design can transcend genres and mediums.  I shared my happy discovery with several artists who also found the designs inspiring.

See the Halloween 2010 issue of Celebrate365 to view the full Design Inspiration article. Folk artists Vergie Lightfoot, Susie Pastor and Lori Rudolph each created works inspired by these vintage paper doiles.  Each designed in a different medium.

To purchase a single copy of this issue and discover their creations, please CLICK here.

2 thoughts on “Design Inspiration: Vintage Halloween Doilies”

  1. Thanks for the nice compliment, Connie, and the link to my table topper. We celebrated my sister’s birthday last night and I finally got to give it to her. She really liked it — she is a freak for Halloween and loves to decorate her entire house.

    I’ve already ordered my copy of the Halloween issue, and can’t wait to see the other projects — especially the ones inspired by these cute doilies.

  2. Oh, I think “I” would love to be your sister! What a fabulous gift! I’d love to see photos of her decorations and see that wonderful table topper in its new home.

    Thanks for inspiring us all. 🙂

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