Debuting Debbee Thibault Spring 2011

Debbee Thibault 2011 Debbee Thibault 2011 Debbee Thibault 2011
Angel of Precious Gifts

$275; 5.75″ high

Milkshake Bunny

$159; 8.25″ high

Charming Lil Bunnies

$118; 3″ wide, 1.5″ high

At American’s Mart, Debbee Thibault debuted a great selection of spring and summer designs, each limited to 300 pieces or less. There are great spring designs and oh, those cute little bunnies!

I’m a huge patriotic collector so expect to see many of Debbee’s newest Fourth of July designs to be featured in the summer issue of Celebrate365.

To purchase any of these whimsical spring styles, visit Kitty’s Ltd. Kitty is a Celebrate365 advertiser and has the largest selection on the web. If you want it, Kitty will definitely try to make your wish come true!

Debbee Thibault signed postcard While at AtlantasMart, I always try to come home with some little goodies to offer to readers. Here’s the first one for 2011!

Debbee Thibault offered this personally signed Pitiful Pearl figure all dressed in her Easter finery.

To enter the drawing, please leave a comment on this blog or on Facebook, Twitter or Creating the Hive. In fact, you may leave one on each site everyday throug Friday, February 4, 2011. The winner will be drawn at 10 PM EST.

8 thoughts on “Debuting Debbee Thibault Spring 2011”

  1. Hello Connie!!

    First, I want to say that I wanted so much to comment on your beautiful feature article on Debbee’s Easter pieces, but in fairness, do not want to be counted for the drawing.

    As you know, I was lucky enough to work the Atlanta Gift Show with Debbee and to see these beautiful pieces first hand. Each morning when I turned the cabinet lights on, these beautiful faces smiled and came to life!

    I want to also let everyone know that for the first time these new pieces will only be available for one year, whether or not 300 are sold. So if one or more of these darlings is calling to you, please don’t miss out!

    Connie, it was a true pleasure to meet you!

  2. Thank you so much, Diane. It was a wonderful treat to meet you as well and to get to know both you and Debbee on a more personal basis.

    Pictures never quite do Debbee’s work justice … but we try! And, you are so right … with these designs being limited to just 300 pieces, there’s not much time to hesitate!

    And, I’ll be revealing some additional “Debbee secrets” in the spring!

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