Farewell to Halloween Winners!

Celebrate365 Halloween
Wow! Fantastic participation here on the blog, on Facebook and at the Hive.

Without further ado, here are the lucky winners and their prizes.

If your name was drawn, please use the contact form above to provide your mailing address and I’ll send off your Halloween goodie!

A huge thank you to the artists and designers who donated this wide array of prizes.


1Lisa Haxmeier

Lori R

2Bruce Elsass Signed Plaque

Candi A

3 Bruce Elsass, Celebrate365

Melissa V

Original Spider Ornament,
Lisa Haxmeier
Signed Plaque,
Bruce Elsass
Signed Celebrate365, Fall 2005 featuring Bruce Elsass
4Dee Foust Pin

Kim M

5Bethany Lowe Pin

Joanne H

6Teena Flanner Pin

Sheryl P

Signed Pin, Dee Foust for Bethany Lowe Signed Pin, Bethany Lowe Signed Pin, Teena Flanner for Bethany Lowe
7Vergie Lightfoot Pin

Audrey M

8Bethany Lowe Tote

Angel C

9Debra Schoch Pumpkin

Lori R

Signed Pin, Vergie Lightfoot for Bethany Lowe Zippered Tote,
Bethany Lowe
Original Ornament,
Debra Schoch
10Willow Springs Farm Bracelet

Theresa W

11Willow Springs Farm Bracelet

Caroline J

12Celebrate365 Halloween 2010

Becca B

Stretch Bracelet 1,
Willow Springs
Family Farm
Stretch Bracelet 2,
Willow Springs
Family Farm
Signed Celebrate365, Halloween 2010
13Susan Vanderhoek

Flora T

14Stephanie Baker Pumpkin Men

Sylvia S

15Cathy Nash Ornament

Holly M

Pumpkin Bat Ornament
Susan Vanderhoek
Chenille ornaments,
Stephanie Baker
Shadowbox Ornament
Cathy Nash
16Kris Hurst Ornaments

Joyce P

17Kris Hurst Ornament

Wendy R

18Kris Hurst Ornament

Lori R

Ornament Set
Kris Hurst
Witch Ornament
Kris Hurst
Witch Bingo
Kris Hurst
19Kris Hurst Ornaments

Laurie H

20Kris Hurst Ornament

Hugh L

21Kris Hurst Ornaments

Kelli Lusk

Witch Card Ornaments, Kris Hurst Top Hat Ornament, Kris Hurst Ornament Set
Kris Hurst

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