Celebrate365 Annual Gathering

Sunday afternoon we caught MARTA back to the home of Margaret & Mark Feit, who not only graciously let me stay the weekend with them but also extended their warm generosity to host Connie’s Celebrate365 Gathering.

Mark and Benita were busy in the kitchen all day while Connie and I were at Market. Everything was prepped, organized and ready to go when we got back. I stationed myself in the kitchen to help where ever I was needed. I did try to grab a few pictures before everyone started arriving and then a few while everyone had settled in to eat. Both times, I forgot to take pictures in the same room. I hope Mark forgives me for not getting pictures of his sports display.

When Connie has a few “spare” minutes, I’ll have her help me label these pictures.

Even though I didn’t get to spend time with each and everyone there, I still had a wonderful time.

This has been the third of three guest posts by Leslie Kirk. Thanks Connie for everything.

2 thoughts on “Celebrate365 Annual Gathering”

  1. Three cheers for Leslie’s post and pictures. Yes, Connie, I’ll wait for captions! If I was sleeping at Margaret’s as a guest I’d request the couch . . . then sleep with all the lights on the trees and arches!! I’d be in seventh heaven! lol I never grow tired of seeing how the beautiful arches are done at Margaret’s. Thank you Connie and Leslie for posting!

    The two of you look like little elves in your hats at the show!

  2. This looks like so much fun! There are so many De Carlini’s around I wish I could see them better! Margeret…are these all yours? I look forward to learning more, and reading more…and collecting more!


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