AirTran WiFi … Just Way Too Cool!. And, Debbee Thibault, too!


How cool is this? I edited this great new Halloween folk art piece from Debbee Thibault while in the Atlanta airport. I always make use of the wait time … makes it go so much faster!

Even cooler though – I’m uploading this blog post from aboard the aircraft during flight. AirTran now has WiFi in the air and they were offering a free trial today. I guess I won’t be able to nap anymore!

I had a nice visit with Debbee at the July AmericasMart show which ended today. She introduced seven new figures for fall as well has a nice selection of jewelry.

Little Red Ragamuffin was one of my favorites. Debbee told me that she imagines the figure as a child’s doll who wants to go Trick-or-Treating, too! Not to be left out, she dresses up as Little Red Riding Hood, sporting that fairy tale red cape. Don’t you just love her basket of treats? I’ve included a close up view so that you can see all of the detail that Debbee Thibault has included.

Here are the facts:

Little Red Ragamuffin
8.25″ high
Edition of 300

This figure will be available from many retailers including my favorite, Kitty’s Ltd in Delaware. Debbee will be making an appearance there in late August as well as at the Golden Glow Convention in Sacramento earlier in the month.

4 thoughts on “AirTran WiFi … Just Way Too Cool!. And, Debbee Thibault, too!”

  1. Hey Connie,

    Saw the link in your FB status update, and decided to come on over to check it out. I love Red Riding Hood’s treat basket – very clever!

    Glad to hear you’re heading home. I’m sure you’ll be happy to be sleeping in your own bed tonight.

    Sweet dreams, in case I don’t talk to you this evening,
    Ruby in Montreal 🙂

  2. Yes, Ruby … home and in my own bed last night. It always surprises me how tiring looking a fun and wonderful things can be! LOL

    I certainly did tons of walking.

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