Soffieria De Carlini, a family heritage

Soffieria De Carlini, Puffy Gingerbread Santa

Soffieria De Carlini, Puffy Gingerbread  Santa

Soffieria De Carlini, Puffy Gingerbread Santa


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Product Details

Here’s Santa’s newest “wanna be” …. Gingerbread Santa.

You can make cookies with it. Some people enter a contest to use it to build a house. And, now Santa has enrolled these two gingery people in his school for elves!

While most people probably associate this traditional treat with Christmas in German. However, the Greeks and Egyptians created variations of these sweet treats as far back as 2400 B.C. But apparently, we can credit knights returning from the crusades for carrying new spices and ingredients home with them to Europe.

Ginger, an underground root found in southeastern Asia, was exported to India and Europe during the early spice trades.

Gosh, who knew collecting ornaments could be so educational!

Made in: Italy
Size: 5”
This listing is for the “fat” or “puffy” Gingerbread Santa.
This is a PRE-ORDER item. Delivery to the US anticipated in August - Early Fall.
Year Introduced: 2024
Product Key Words: Soffieria De Carlini, free blown, Italy, Milan. Michael Garrison, ginger root, gingerbread, cake, cookies, frosting, Santa, Christmas