Vaillancourt Collector’s Weekend 2011


Celebrate365’s Connie Porcher kicked off the Saturday lecture series …

Decorating the Tree … An Evolution

April 30, 2011

Vaillancourt Collector’s Weekend


Sunday – Painting a chalkware Santa

Joan assists us with colors and plenty of instructions. She has been a Vaillancourt painter for 27 years!

VALFA-Porcher-Santa Each novice painter received a fully-painted sample as a guide. Our Santa’s coat was pre-painted to insure we could work with a dry form.

My Santa version is on the left, the artist’s model is on the right. You will see that I took some "liberties" in order to finish within the required time.

Yes, I would have loved holly on Santa’s hood … but I think that I would still be painting!

Artistry of Poland and Rucus Studio Collaborate …

German Santa with Lantern
German Santa with Lantern

You love his folk art … now you can collect his glass ornament!

Scott Smith (Rucus Studio) has collaborated with Artistry of Poland to create a glass ornament based upon his full figure German Santa candy containers.

The 5″ moulded glass ornament is finished in red satin paint.  The Polish carver has certainly captured the essence of Santa’s stern face!  Santa’s face is painted with a porcelain-bisque like finish that brings the character to life.  He bears an arm load of holiday toys and a tradition German-style lantern to guide his way from house to house.

Scott’s artwork shows Santa wearing a flannel robe with fluffy wool trim.  Note the special “glitter” on the coat & hat that recreate the look of Scott’s concept.

This ornament just arrived from Poland last week.

If you love folk art and ornaments, you’ll want the Rucus Studio “Traditional Santa” for your Christmas tree.

Scott Smith's Original Ornament Design
Scott Smith's Original Ornament Design

Available in the Celebrate365 online store for $54.

Enjoy free shipping when ordering this ornament on Sept 22 and 23.