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Patricia Breen Ornament Event in Tampa

Painterly Santa, Neiman Marcus Tampa
Yesterday was the first time that I had the opportunity to see this event ornament in person. The design is ingenious. Take a look at the paint buckets that encircle the bottom of Santa’s robe. See those tiny metal handles? They actually operate just like the real thing! Each handle is fully moveable! What a cleverly engineered ornament, full of detail. Each fall event will feature this mold “decorated” in a different motif.

Let’s Paint
Keeping the “decorating” theme, each brunch guest received a pink-handled paint brush … nearly 9″ in length.

Gift from the Studio
At each event, Patricia thanks collectors with a tiny sphere — “A Gift from the Studio”. For those who love Breen’s bee-themed ornaments, this little creation was a real “gem” … literally! The bee’s wings are actually tiny crystals.

Swing Time Santa, Tampa exclusive coloration
Exquisitely detail — just imagine this Dandelion Santa swing away in the summer breezes. There were not enough of this ornament for all those who attended the brunch. Although I asked just about every staffer, none seemed to know how many the Studio had actually produced. At the end of the event, I heard the number might be 40 — but I can’t be certain if that number is actually correct.


Patricia Breen in Tampa

Well, no ornament news yet … just a quick visit to NM where all seemed relatively calm. Staffers were labeling bags filled with ornaments … but drats … everything was sealed up tight!

I did meet up with Jim Elia … we were both trying to print out our boarding passes for our journey home tomorrow evening.

More tomorrow … the fun begins!

Connie (in Tampa)

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