Pre-Ordering for Heartfully Yours Opens March 4

Heartfully Yours™ Gold Star Retailer,

We proudly announce that we have achieved Gold Star retailer status with Heartfully Yours™.  Our website re-opens tomorrow.  You may begin pre-ordering from the styles and quantities that we were allocated for the 2023 season.  Quantities are extremely limited.  Reserve for choices for later delivery. 

Please read the revised terms and conditions on the website or request an email copy.

Winter at the beach …

Lovely day to work outside with the great view & in the shade with the breeze. Love the view from beneath our shaded picnic area?

This will be the hottest day we have experienced and the heat index makes it feel even warmer … we need to hydrate!

This is my work location this morning with a cup of coffee (not good for hydration!). I think that the scenery helps make the spreadsheet work less mind-numbing!

The 2023 updates for all three designer ornament lines are nearing completion … Leslie (faithful web guru), Benita (sister), Brenna (niece), and Azhar (graphic editor in Pakistan) have all contributed to this massive yearly project.

Did you, as a collector, realize that a complex spreadsheet is the “brains” behind what you see when you view a listing on the internet? And, every punctuation point must be in place!

We will begin to roll out Heartfully Yours™, Soffieria De Carlini, and Thomas Glenn Holiday for pre-ordering soon!

Now, back to work!

Decorate Your Tree … with memories

Holiday Ornaments Create Memories
They always “fit” … no size or color to “exchange”

Family memories … for many,  Christmas trees are like family scrapbooks. Each year as you bring out the totes and boxes, you unwrap remembrances of special moments, special friends, departed loved ones, and Christmases past. Perhaps your family tradition involves listening to a favorite Christmas album, drinking hot cocoa … maybe even placing a pickle on the tree for little ones to find.

Think about each decoration and the memories it evokes.  Start you own tradition … give a gift that tugs the heartstrings, always “fits” perfectly, and evokes memories for years to come.

Merry Christmas!


Thomas Glenn Holidays 2020 – Now Shipping

After a long transatlantic voyage, the Thomas Glenn Holidays 2020 Collection has arrived from Poland. Designer Brent Lawyer offers a glittering selection of 4″ balls, each with unique personalities.

Meow – 2020 Best Seller!

So very mid-century modern! Stylized black cats with jeweled red collars pose and prowl against a hot pink glittered ball.
Find it »

Want to see a 360-degree view of “Meow”?  We think you will love this retro-feline just as much as we do!

Or watch it at YouTube.

To preview the 2020 Thomas Glenn Holiday arrivals, including Sun Burst and Pretty in Pink (shown above), click this LINK.  Shop now while inventory is at this year’s highest level.

Thomas Glenn Holidays — Not your grandmother’s Christmas ornaments!


We Are In This Together!

Who would have ever believed “this” would be our situation?

Winter Break is just a memory. We were so fortunate to be able to depart Mexico safely when we did … happy to be home once more. 

I’ve been researching shipping during  this pandemic. From the articles I’ve read,  shipping and packing materials are not issues in virus transer.  With that in mind,  Celebrate365 resumed shipping last week using all of the recommended precautions.  A spray can of Lysol is now part of my shipping materials!

Our household is part of the “at risk” generation but, luckily, we remain healthy.  How are all of you doing?  Drop me a comment below.  I’d love to hear from you!

Love from “afar” and a “virtual” hug!