Oh, I just couldn’t stand it! I just had to stay up and post a few of today’s great sightings!

These receive “Two Thumbs Up” from Connie & Margaret … Sorry I can’t give you names. I have the photos … Margaret has the notes!

Christopher Radko

Robot with clear glass helmet … too cool!

Joy to the World Collectibles

Glitterazzi selection … incredible, intricate detailing. WOW!

And, now we can all say “We knew him when …” Scott Smith, Rucus Studio for Bethany Lowe Designs. “Skeleton Sam” made the back cover of the catalog. Awesome!

We did a quick overview of the Radko showroom this afternoon and will be going back tomorrow for a full look and note-taking. While a number of things caught my eye, I would love to own the Santa that the Schaller workshop created as a Christmas gift for Christopher. It stands about 20+ inches high and is a full-figure Santa holding a tree with decorations. It is incredible. Of course, that pesky detail known as a price tag does take one’s breath away … $1475 (no decimal point!), if I remember correctly. I’ll post an image tomorrow. Jan from Recollections was in the showroom … and I believe you can order yours from her!