Celebrate the Holidays with Italian Flair!

De Carlini Pinocchio Finial De Carlini Giraffe Ornament De Carlini Santa Ornament
What’s new at the Celebrate365 store? Over 40 new listings in the De Carlini Italian ornament category! This small family-owned business began operation in 1947. Luca Terruzzi, grandson of the founder, now heads the business. His wife works in the office and his mother oversees the dressing and decorating department. You’ll usually find his dad around the glass blowing area.
De Carlini Katate Ornament De Carlini Wine Santa Ornament De Carlini Italian Chef Ornament
When a retailer places an order, each ornament is custom created for that store. Once that order is completed, it’s air-expressed to the USA. Ninety percent of the workshop’s annual producation is destined for American homes.
De Carlini Soldier Ornament De Carlini Union Jack Fashionista De Carlini Royal Guard Ornament
Why do these ornaments cost more than many others? The answer lies in how they are created. It’s a truly hand made product from start to finish. Master glass blowers create each ornament individually. No two are ever quite alike.

If you’d like to learn more about this family business, you might enjoy the book, Soffieria De Carlini – A Family Legacy.

De Carlini Nativity Finial De Carlini Penguin Ornament De Carlini Baseball Player Ornament

Celebrate Christmas with an Italian flair!

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