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Mastering the Om ……

Don’t let the holiday rush stress you out.

Thomas Glenn Holidays “Buddha”, also available in red

You can find “open” 24/7 … although Santa has been known to take some naps!

Celebrate365 offers “zen” worthy ornaments from Thomas Glenn, Eric Cortina and David Strand.

Stop by and browse awhile!






New Arrivals … Just in Time!

Designer Plaid, Thomas Glenn Holidays

These 2015 styles from Thomas Glenn Holidays arrived just in time for the holidays

Do you have a fashionista on your gift list whose “champagne” tastes exceed your budget?  Perhaps this “Designer Plaid” ornament  might be just the thing.

Modern Floral … don’t they seem like snowflakes?




Thomas Glenn Holidays’ “Modern Floral” evokes that mid-century modern look of times gone-by … a vintage-style look for the tree



Everyone loves penguins!  Hang this sweet 4” ball on an ornament turner and they will happily “march” around your Christmas tree.TG-1594_composite

Quantities are limited … so don’t delay!

Want to see more penguins or another favorite theme?  Click here to enter your search term.  We have over 1000 holiday items and usually ship everyday but Sunday.

An Ohio Christmas … Vintage 1913

Look what someone brought me as an open house gift … an original 1915 photo from a Columbus, Ohio photographer. I’ve enlarged it a bit so you can see details.

How our decorating styles have changed yet some things remain the same. Can’t you sense the children’s delight as they point to the tree?

What details can you spot in this holiday setting.  Click the photo to enlarge the view.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Columbus Ohio 1915

Thomas Glenn Holidays 2014

Thomas Glenn Display America'sMart Atlanta 2014
Thomas Glenn Display
America’sMart Atlanta 2014

Brent Lawyer, the new owner of Thomas Glenn Holidays, is coming to visit me tomorrow, March 24.  His new 2014 samples had not yet arrived from Poland when I visited his booth in Atlanta in January.

It is so sweet of him to make this effort.  He’s in Chicago … I’m in western Ohio.  That’s not a quick little trip!

Of course, I’ll be taking lots of photos and reporting in about what is new.

I’ve been going full tilt since coming home from Mexico … tax records in to the CPA this morning, so I have a little breathing room now.  And, it is certainly time to play catch up with news!

I will do my best.  But, the best news is that the STORE IS OPEN!

2014 orders will not arrive until fall … but I will be posting them online as soon as possible.  I might need to increase the small quantities that I ordered!



Glittered "Pink Zeba" ball ornament from Thomas Glenn Holidays
Glittered “Pink Zebra” ball ornament from Thomas Glenn Holidays
Blue "Zebra" Ball Thomas Glenn Holidays
Blue “Zebra” Ball
Thomas Glenn Holidays
Black "Zebra" Ball Thomas Glenn Holiday
Black “Zebra” Ball
Thomas Glenn Holiday



The Eric Cortina Collection

Eric Cortina Celebrates Ten Years

Eric Cortina Collection


It’s exciting to see one’s dreams become reality.  That’s the case for Eric Cortina, visual director for Roger’s Gardens in Corona del Mar, California.



Surrounded by holiday ornaments throughout the year as well as traveling to Europe in conjunction with his career, Eric developed an appreciation for glass ornaments.

Eric Cortina Showroom, Atlanta
Eric Cortina Showroom
AmericasMart, Atlanta


Celebrate365 first met Eric in 2003 in an interview in the Early Fall issue.  He had just 14 designs. Now, Eric is celebrating his tenth anniversary as an ornament designer.

The innovations just keep coming.  Eric continues to think outside the box. He is not afraid to design over-sized ornaments that can stand along as accents in the home. He does not hesitate to create ornaments that are formed from multiple molds and then assembled into the finished design.


Chinese Lantern Ornament
Red & White Chinese Lantern Glass Ornament









Compared to other ornament companies, Eric still maintains a very small, highly curated collection and he exhibits his ornament designs and home décor at AmericasMart, Building 1, Floor 20.

For most collectors, it’s not that easy to find an Eric Cortina ornament locally.  Neiman Marcus and Horchow carry the line nationally.  Premiere level accounts are located in California and New York and internationally in England.

To honor Eric’s Tenth Anniversary, is offering a diverse selection of ornaments from his ten years of design.

French Bulldog Ornament
New for 2013, Mr. French

Peppermint Candy Ornament
Peppermint Candy Jar

French Hen Ornament
A Fat French Hen

Perffect Pair Ornament
The Perfect Pear

Blue Parakeet Ornament
Blue Parakeet

Eric Cortina Gold Fairy Girl
Gold Fairy Girl

Eric Cortina Brandy Decanter Ornament
Brandy Decanter

Eric Cortina Scotch Decanter Ornament
Scotch Decanter

Eric Cortina Vodka Decanter Ornament
Vodka Decanter

2301 San Joaquin Hills Rd.
Corona Del Mar, CA 92625

754 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10019

600 Madison Avenue
New York, NY  10021

181 Picadilly
London, W1A 1ER England

Want to read Celebrate365’s original 2003 interview with Eric Cortina? Click here!


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